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How to Make Document Imaging More Effective

How to Make Document Imaging More Effective

Document imaging is an important technology to embrace for any business today. However, as you digitize your company’s document storage system it is always important to approach the process correctly. Done properly, the process can be very effective and rewarding for your business. There are various things you should consider to make the process a success. Here are some valuable tips to help make your process easier: –

Decide Which Documents Need Imaging

It is always important to image documents that need to be accessed frequently. This is because document imaging allows you to access your stored documents easily and from different locations. Additionally, the digitally stored documents can be retrieved faster and this is something important when dealing with those that are important but not required on a daily basis. When considering the most important documents, you will also be able to get rid of those that are not needed including expired warranties and old manuals.

Consider the Retrieval Criteria

What criteria will be used to retrieve your documents? This is a crucial thing you will need to consider before starting the document imaging and storage with your company of choice. This will include the meta data and folder names you want attached to the individual documents. The process could be long and tedious but will prove very helpful whenever you want to retrieve the digital files. It is also an important factor when it comes to your document protection granting access only to those approved to access them.

What is the Appropriate File Format?

Some file formats can overuse the data especially because they can’t be optimized. The format you choose will also determine how readable the documents are. A good example is where some documents could be colored or featuring images. These will have a different high resolution from those with text only. On the other hand, some report documents could function effectively as simple PDFs while those with large images will work well as .PNG or .JPG files. When doing document imaging, the format will help during the retrieval especially those you need to send out externally.

Implement a Document Management System

Once your documents are imaged and stored, you will need to introduce a document management system to help have optimal control over them. This will increase efficiency, reduce cost and speed the document retrieval. It also offers secure access to the electronically stored documents.

With an EDMS (Electric Document Management System), your documents can be uploaded, accessed, and edited from anywhere if you have internet connection. Always consider your available options carefully and choose the most reliable one.

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