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Move Your Dog With the Best Movers and Packers in Delhi NCR

Move Your Dog With the Best Movers and Packers in Delhi NCR

  1. Things to be taken into consideration before moving
  • Make sure that your dog’s routine remains intact like food, morning walk or anything else. Dogs are most smart animal and they are already making notes of the unusual movements taking place due to moving plans. Any changes in their daily routine can easily effect their health out of anxiety. Better you treat them with the same amount attention and love they everyday get.
  • Keep your dog in a separate closed room on the day of moving. He will get stressed out by seeing so much happening around or by seeing unknown people in the home in form of Movers and Packers in Delhi NCR. This is also essential to avoid injury while many things will be moved here and there. It is recommended to keep them in a familiar room with theirunwashed bedding and belongings. It is also recommended to keep a travel carrier around them 3-4 days prior to the move, so they become familiar with it. On regular intervals go to his room and spend some time with him by playing around. If possible, some house member be with him to make him feel comfortable, while others monitor the packing exercise.
  • Pack your dog’s plates, toys, and other belongings at very last, so that they remain comfortable with personal stuff. Even after you move, do not wash beddings in the new home for some days. Smell is the most important recognition for a dog to identify things. Smell of unwashed beddings and other belongings will help them to get familiar in the new home much better manner.
  • You may not require changing a doctor for a dog if you are moving nearby area only. You may also take your beloved dog to see the new home some days in advance of a move, so it may start developing familiarity with the new environment. However, it may revert also as a dog may return to old location repeatedly once after moved to the new location. It is a very common nature of any animal to stroll back to their previous territory, as they feel safer there.
  • If you are moving to a distant area or to a new city, then some days before the relocation, visit your veterinarian and take your dog’s health history card and vaccination report card. This will require updating with the new doctor at the new location. If your dog is aged then little sedative will also help while moving, but before doing this, it is advisable to check about it with your doctor as he knows what’s the best for your dog’s health.
  • If you are traveling to long distance, then stop feeding your dog at least 12 hours prior to move. This will prevent them from any traveling sickness or vomiting.
  • Make a checklist, so you don’t miss out things in rush.
  1. Dog’s daily food and water from the old house, as initial changing of water may affect their digestion.
  2. Veterinary certificates and records from Doctor.
  3. Food and water bowls, toys and other daily stuffs.
  4. Unwashed bedding.
  1. Things to Be Focused While Shifting
  • Ensure that dog has enough space in the car for sitting.
  • Don’t forget to give them water and toilet breaks, if it is a longer move.
  1. In the New House
  • First thing to check immediately after moving if boundary fencing is secure. They are of sufficient height to prevent dog from runs away in initial stage.
  • Keep things in similar passion like your old home. This will give them a safe feeling of similarity. Try to locate furniture in the same manner also. Keep your dog in the small room with some family member, while you are relocating a home with your pet. Keep dog’s food and water plates and other toys in the same position like in the old home to avoid any unfamiliar confusion.
  • Do not let your dog move outside without leash in initial days, till they become adapted to the new environment. Pets usually take longer time to get adjusted to new surroundings, so help your dog to establish his territory. Chase away other dogs or other animals as this will give your pet a secure feeling.
  • Give them water from the old home for some days and switch it progressively. Initially avoid punishing your dog for any misbehavior, as they are already struggling to get familiar with the new environment. If the dog behaves odd, then help him to reduce the stress by playing with him. Do not over react if they break something or make some mistakes, as any punishment will only effect their health. If they are sick because of new surroundings, then immediately take them to the doctor around with health history card. This will help new doctor to understand your dog’s nature well.
  • Please ensure that you are stick to their regular routines to help them to get adjusted better way. Try to maintain the timing of their food and walk. Don’t change your focus and love for them as dog is a very sensitive animal and may cause behavior misconducts.
  • Once everything is adjusted in the new home, gradually introduce them to neighbors by going for a daily walk together in the garden. Try to go for longer walks in initial days to help your dog to get familiar with roads around.

These are some of the basic points which will help in settling down your dog in the better way.

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