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Smart Security Solutions to Prevent Risks in Small Business

Smart Security Solutions to Prevent Risks in Small Business

More and more the technology is enhancing, risks to the security of technology are also increasing. This is why, cybersecurity has become a major concern for every organization. No matter if you have an online account, website or online business, you might be at risk of attack by cyber criminals.

So, every organization needs to adopt some smart security solutions so as to prevent their business from the risks of attacks. Since all banks, high profile companies, government sectors have quite better security solutions, but small and startup businesses don’t have that much smart security solutions.

Therefore, the main target of cyber criminals is to attack small businesses. But if you have efficient endpoint protection software, nothing can harm you.

Smart security solutions to prevent small Business from risks:

  1. Comodo: Comodo is the cheapest security provider that provides security tools which are affordable and free of cost. Comodo provides different solutions for different purposes like Comodo One for remote monitoring and management, service desk, and Patch management, Comodo Advanced Endpoint for preventing malware from entering into network and Comodo Securebox for defending applications from malware infected devices.
  2. ESET: ESET offers various solutions as a single security solution. With the help of ESET, you can secure mobile phones, networks, USB drives, and serves at the same time. The ESET offers various security solutions that a business can also choose according to their requirements like mobile security, two-factor authentication, endpoint security, encryption, file security, virtualization security and much more.
  3. Promisec: Promisec uses agentless technology to secure the business and its services. It offers various security solutions like Endpoint management, Software license management, application visibility and control, cloud-based endpoint protection, application whitelisting software, etc. It is a one stop solution to a number of security related problems such as phishing attacks, malicious insiders, etc. by offering solutions at cost effective prices.
  4. Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine: Cradlepoint NetCloud Engine provides affordable and much secure way for virtualizing the network and business. It allows covering the VPN with the security protection layers like multifactor authorization that includes ID of users, PKI certificate, and token, etc.
  5. It is always recommended to create strong passwords. Password containing name, date of birth, spouse’s name is very common and can be guesses very easily. So, helps to create random and strong passwords for you. So, if you want a strong password for your organization, get it from automatic random strong password from, so as to keep your organization and its data secured. It helps to prevent the organization from the attacker or cyber criminal who could guess your password easily.
  6. offers a security platform that is powered by NCSA(National Cyber Security Alliance) is equipped with resources and tools for helping small business to prevent from cyber attacks. By accessing this website, a small business may learn how to keep the organizations secure and safe from any type of attacks.

So, every organization whether it is a small or a large organization needs to have endpoint protection software to keep their data secure and safe from any data breaches or malicious software.

If you are looking for endpoint management software that can secure the organization’s endpoints in an efficient manner at affordable prices, then choose Promisec that is known for its best security solutions.

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