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Top 8 Social Media Trends That Will Change the Game of Your Business This 2017

Top 8 Social Media Trends That Will Change the Game of Your Business This 2017

Social media is an ever-changing game.We saw the year with facebook push towards the live video, followed by Instagram adding the story feature through twitter removing the character counts from the image uploads. According to a research study conducted by the social intelligence company Talk walker, we have been spending about 2 hours in a day or 15% of our waking time on social media.

This is no small amount by any means, and social media in itself is trending. What exactly will it bring for all of us in 2017? Talk walker shared with all work the following top 10 strategies that the experts generally see in the upcoming year.

The Power of Social Media Giants Will Increase: It’s no secret that the giants of social media world will wish people to spend more time on their networks rather than the website.As the users continue to grow and the internet users continue to grow their increasing time on social media, it’s time for all the social media marketers to work out and see how this strategy will continue to work in 2017 says Michael Stelzner and Eric T. Tung.


Employees become your social media army: For organizations who are looking to expand the reach of social media impact, there is an increasingly powerful option which is already on payroll.Employee advocacy are encouraging and incentivizing the team members to come forward and share the messages on their own social media accounts. Which is believed to be a major game change in the upcoming year 2017.

Employees will have to share company posts followed by the content that has to align with their own marketing audiences.  Say for example there is a little staff blasting out their B2B pitches on their personal Facebook profiles.


Users are gaining control of their social user experiences: Social platforms are providing their users with much more controls on how their feeds offer content.Users will have more power to view the content related to their marketing audiences and the way they have been using the social media platforms. In order to meet these changes brands need to perform usability testing in order to make sure that the UX they generally provide with customer behaviour and preferences.


Social Story Telling is becoming more formal: It’s increasingly considered to be the norm for the brands to be active on mediums like Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Facebook live where storytelling has been informal and direct.Facebook live places where storytelling has either been informal and direct. During this environment brands will have to let loose and allow for marketing that is less polished and will come across as much more genuine. In these cases, this will here require the brands to rethink on the existing guidelines.


Sales and Customer service get more formal: Most of the businesses even today generally think social media as a marketing tool even today.Which is not true anymore. Consumers get to know about your products and services through Pinterest and Instagram. They are then sold on Twitter and Facebook, where they continue to seek customer service on messaging channels like facebook messenger. The rise of Chabot’s promises the quickest way to scale up social selling and customer service efforts, offering users the equivalent 1:1 service without requiring additional employees.


Search algorithm will change and will change again: Like it or not but the search algorithm will change. With the enormous amount of information being added on the internet each and every second, the search engines will keep adding their algorithm deciding which should be given importance and rank higher in the search engine and which should not.Therefore the only strategy that should remain original, informative, and helpful to your marketing audience.


Unique and high quality content will continue to be the key: Content is generally referred to be the king in digital marketing, and will continue to remain as an essentialpart of an online marketing campaign in the years to come.The influx of all the professional writers and video producers will continue to make content marketing more and more competitive today. The key here is to write something unique, high quality and something that makes the readers engage and connected with it. Also there will be a huge demand for writers who possess their knowledge expertise in the subject matter.


Mobile Phones will successfully dominate the desktops: 2016 has been a successful year for the mobile phones. We have seen how google has successfully virtually phased out websites that are not mobile optimized. The ubiquitous presence of the hand held devices and fading away with the desktop traffic clearly indicates that the smart phone rests on the mobile focussed internet marketing process. Mobile search and mobile search optimization is therefore will still continue to be the top priority for the marketers to follow in 2017.


To Conclude:

So here are the above given trends which are expected to dominate social media this 2017. Hope these will continue to help, start preparing, and updating the social media tactics keeping your social media knowledge updated with trends that continue to matter for your business. Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

About The Author:

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email verification services and marketing database management software, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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