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Stir up Your Adventurous Side right in Bangalore

Stir up Your Adventurous Side right in Bangalore

Bangalore is a nice city to live in. in recent years, the city has transformed into a real IT hub. You can find students, couples and even old people living in Bangalore who don’t even belong to the same city. But you know there is another side of this city too? Yes, Bangalore possesses many good trekking spots to visit. Once you explore the surroundings of this city you will get to know about so many trekking destinations for your adventure and fun.

Give It a Try

Many people think that for having an adventurous trip or outing they have to go to hill stations or farfetched places but the reality is that Bangalore has some spots which not just cater a lot of trekking, thrill, and enjoyment but they can be visited on weekends too. You need not take a week or more off for these trips. So, if you have never thought about Trekking in Bangalore, it is the time that you do!Let us know how you can steal some days for happening trekking!

  • Firstly, you know there are many clubs, groups, and associations that organize exciting and thrilling trekking tours? Yes, once you explore, you will get to know about these adventurous events. Many people carry out successful and fun filled tours near Bangalore with these professionals. For example, in case you are thinking about a trekking trip in near future then you can try out Kudremukh Trek event taking place on Friday19th May 2017 at 7:30 PM – to Sunday 21st May 2017 10:00 PM. This trip is getting organized by Nature Walkers! You know Kudremukh in Kannada is an impressive picturesque site. It is a perfect destination for trekking and an instant overnight journey from Bangalore makes it most handy destination for weekend retreats. The splendid natural plains and thick Shoal forests make the entire greenery of these rolling hills arresting. So, just talk to the organizers and get yourself registered today!
  • In case you want to check out other trekking destinations yourself then you can begin with Kanakapura. This place is 55 kilometers from Bangalore and it is a nice place for trekking and other thrilling adventures. Here the mention of a nature camp brings up the picture of an extensive green land set among pretty natural settings. This spot is placed in Ramnagar and the entire town is covered with luxurious green forests which fascinate massive nature lovers to relish a diversity of adventure activities at this place. People, who love to spend time in the adventurous ambiance, will relish activities like trekking and nature walks for sure.


Thus, these were just a few spots we talked about, in case you want to relish the richness, you should explore the exciting and welcoming destinations around Bangalore. In case you find it difficult to arrange things, plan out timing and take care of all other things then you should certainly go for organized trekking trips so that you can make the best of your trip. You need not take any headaches about anything and there would be a lot of fun stored for you!

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