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You are surely his best friend if you are any or all of these following..

You are surely his best friend if you are any or all of these following..

Gone are those days when a couple started their life directly in marriage. In today’s time, this would be the heinous crime. And there is nothing wrong with living together before marriage or having a courtship of 5 years before marriage. These companionships before marriage actually strengthen the bond after marriage. When the person you love becomes your best friend, there cannot be any better a relationship that this one. You feel secure in this phase then. If you and your boyfriend also share the following kind of chemistry, surely you two are the best buddies of each other.

No Secret Zone

Nothing is really hidden between the two of you. Your best friends, his best friends may know everything about you have a 2% extra knowledge about him and vice versa. The bond is so close that you happen to all his best friend’s secrets also just the he is aware of stories of your best buddies.

Only you know the jokes

You have some famous in-jokes about yourselves, about the rest of the world. And when you are together your discussion about all these goes so weird that outsiders think that both of you belong to some different planet and speak alien language. Now, that’s an ode to true friendship.

Hey look he’s a hunk/she’s sexy

Even when you are committed to each other, you don’t coochi-coo around like other couples. But when you are out, you don’t stop each other from ogling at the handsome dude or the sexy n pretty girl. This kind of hanging out with each other is possible only with a best friend – right? Because at the days end you know that you two are just perfect for each other and won’t leave each other at any cost.

Formal dress and date? Are you crazy? No

One of the best part is you never have to get up and get dressed for that date. Because you never really go for a “Real Date” with him. How can you? After all the barometers of a real date shown in reels and written in Mills and Boons talk of a girl well dressed in designer garments, and their hair and face are just out of beauty salons. In real grounds, you have never tried to be like that and your boyfriend is totally cool with that. In fact he may hate you in such an avatar. So, you enjoy your dates in pajamas and stained shirts.


woman drinking water

Tu-Tu-Main-Main continues

I won’t say that you don’t fight with each other. In fact more than usual couples you fight more but over silly issues like stealing chocolates, winning a game by cheating, or for not cleaning the washroom. In serious matters also you cannot remain mad over each other for more than 15 minutes.


woman drinking water

Isn’t it the most beautiful love story you are living? Yes, girl you are lucky to be dating your best friend. People die to reach your level of comfort in relationships. So, just keep having this friendship with the love of your life and sometimes do spoil him with best valentine gift for husband. Because a little amount is surprising is a good thing.

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