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Trekking and Mumbai are in One Boat

Trekking and Mumbai are in One Boat

Are you a big fan of trekking? do you feel unfortunate that you can’t relish this sport quite often because you are living in a metro city? well, there is no need to feel disappointed because there are many spots right around your city that can give you a chance to live your desire of trekking right away.

If you are in Mumbai and want to relish trekking thrills and trips; the good news is that Trekking near Mumbai is absolutely possible. there are some amazing and beautiful trekking spots around Mumbai that can fill you with thrill and enjoyment.

One Tree Hill

Talking about One Tree Hill, this place is a rare trek that is quite close to the city, yet tranquil and untouched. This trail is extremely easy and can be enjoyed by trekkers of all age groups that too during anytime of the year.Every season fetches a diverse flavour and an intense experience. the trail to One tree hill from Ambewadi is also known as Shivaji ladder route.

Through this trail near the end of the dense forest, you come across a mass of rocks and boulders where this trail disappears.It is well-known as Shivaji Steps or Shivaji Ladder.As per local legend, Shivaji rode up this route on horseback. From this place, it is 500m to top, up a stream bed, which is dry except times of monsoon. So, what can be more happening and thrilling than making the most of this trek in one day or less than that?

Check out Tungareshwar

How about spending some quality time at Tungareshwar?This place is a pleasant Trek near Mumbai in Vasai. The hypnotic waterfalls of Tungareshwar are at a height of around 2177 feet. In this dense forest, there are plenty of probabilities for trekking and nature fanatics. So, if you have a day off or can spare any weekend then why not just have a great time at this place? you can taste the richness of this spot and enjoy a trekking ride packed with fun and enthusiasm.

Here the starting point is the highway junction. It is around a kilometre from the base. At the base there you can find a forest check post also. From there begins the real trekking of Tungareshwar.After about just a three km trek and walking via two streams, you will reach Lord Shiva temple. There are two treks there and you can select as per your need.But one thing is for sure that both these treks are extremely lively and have their own attraction.


At a distance of around sixty-six kilometres from Mumbai Irshalgad is a fort placed between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra. It is a twin fort to Prabalgad and is among the perfect weekend getaways near Mumbai.The space of the fort is not huge but there are diverse water tanks cut from rock.Irshalgad pinnacle is accessible by an easy to moderate three-kilometre trek and it takes about 1. 5 hours.thistrek starts from Karja village that is about 11 kilometres from Karjat Railway Station. This trek will take you through different spots and you can have a Great trekking experience here.


So, all you Mumbai fans of Trekking, just check out the vicinity and you will find plenty of trekking spots right there!

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